2015’s Blues Stage Lineup

Blues Stage Performers

Don’t Miss This Year’s Amazing Lineup! Whether you are looking for blues, Cajun, classic rock, or big band music, there is one upcoming event that can scratch your musical itch. The 2015 Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival will bring dozens of talented musicians to Southern California. You may think that you need to

A Quick Look At Cajun Language

History of Cajun Language

The History Of This Unique Language Although Cajun is technically classified as a dialect of the French language, anyone who heard the two languages side by side knows that the Cajun dialect has staked a claim all its own. In fact, some people who speak French cannot understand Cajun, and vice versa! How, then, did this

The Best Cajun & Zydeco Music West Of The Mississippi

Cajun & Zydeco Stage Performers

These Performers Bring Their Stylings Not to speak badly of the music coming out of Southern California, but there is something to be said about Southern music and its soul. When it comes to true musical offerings from the South, gone are the vapid, posing stylings of so many of today’s musical wannabes. Instead, real

Recipe: Bayou Teche Bread Pudding

Recipe: Bayou Teche Bread Pudding

The Perfect Addition To Your Brunch Or Dessert Menu Whether you are looking for a sweet treat to spice up your Sunday morning brunch or a perfect way to finish off a meal, this Bayou Teche Bread Pudding will be a rich, delicious solution and is sure to become one of your favorite recipes. So

Be Prepared: What To Bring

What to Bring to a Festival

A Quick Guide To What You Will Need During The Festival The Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival provides you with two full days of exciting entertainment for the whole family. From the great music to the delicious food to the exciting Mardi Gras parade, you will not want to miss a moment of

The Sazerac: The Ultimate Cajun Cocktail

The Sazerac America's First Cocktail

A History & A Recipe America’s first cocktail was created in New Orleans in 1838. Antoine Peychaud (yes, of Peychaud Bitters) developed the drink in a bar in the French Quarter of the historic city and named it after his preferred brandy, Sazerac-de-Forge et fils. 35 years later, another bartender, Leon Lamothe, substituted American Rye

Who Does The Festival Benefit?

Who Benefit from the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival

A Quick Overview To Who Is Served The Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival is not just the perfect opportunity to get your family together and head out into the fresh air for music, food, and fun, it is also an event that serves your community and the world. Did you know that 100

Your Local Mardi Gras Parade

mardi gras

If You Missed Mardi Gras, Fear Not! Did you know that the tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras on American soil is older than the country itself? The first time Mardi Gras was celebrated in this would-be country was on 1703 in the area that is now Mobile, Alabama. The first Mardi Gras parade dates back

Simi Sunrise Supports Service Above Self

Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise

How Your Local Rotary Club Is Serving Your Community And The World So many of us have the desire to make the world a better place but feel stumped about how to begin. Fortunately, when people gather together they can make an impact that will exponentially grow. The Rotary Club is a prime example. Valuing

Sponsoring The Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival

Becoming a 2015 Sponsor

Becoming a 2015 Sponsor If your business has been looking for a way to get noticed, you have probably considered setting aside an amount of money for marketing purposes. If, though, your business also values philanthropic efforts you might be torn. How much should you give to getting your name out there? How much should