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A Look Into Blues Musician Curtis Salgado

The Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival was this past Memorial Day weekend. One of the artists that performed for this event was Blues music professional Curtis Salgado. There are a few things you should know about this Blues musician. He has been singing since the 1960’s and was the front man for the

Blues Musician: Howlin’ Wolf

Anyone who enjoys listening to blues music is likely to be a fan of the legendary Howlin’ Wolf, who was a prominent American blues singer and guitarist in the 1950s Chicago music scene. Howlin’ Wolf, whose birth name was Chester Arthur Burnett, had a number of popular hits, including “Spoonful,” Smokestack Lightnin,’ Killing Floor” and

The Origin of Mardi Gras

Where Mardi Gras actually came from depends on who you ask. There are many who feel that it has its origins in pagan rituals formed around fertility and spring. Others believe the Catholic Church’s stance on meat and sex started the celebrations and formed the origin of Mardi Gras. People wanted to party before Lent.

Traditional Cajun Recipes

With the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival right around the corner, it is helpful to know some traditional Cajun recipes. Gumbo This is a staple in Cajun cuisine. It is sort of like a stew that has been thickened with okra. It is traditionally made with poultry and sausage or seafood and served

Great Cajun Musicians

Cajun music has been popular in Louisiana and other areas for a long time. It’s something that has a very distinctive, unique sound to it. You’re not going to find it just anywhere, but there are people all over the world who like to listen to it. Most of the Cajun performers are still in

The Origin of the Accordion

The history of the accordion dates back to 1922 in Berlin. There are some indications that similar instruments were created earlier and in different parts of the world, but were called by different names and didn’t work quite the same way. The first patent on an instrument that was called an accordion took place in

Top Zydeco Musicians

Zydeco music has its roots in American folk music. It was created in Louisiana in the 1800s. The style blends Cajun music with Blues and Rhythm & Blues. Some of the top Zydeco musicians include Boozoo Chavis, Rosie Ledet, Leroy Thomas, and Morris Francis, among others. These performers get a lot of airplay on Cajun

The History of the Harmonica

In the early 1800s, the harmonica was developed in Europe. It was designed for classical music, and appeared in the US, Europe, the United Kingdom, and South America around the same time. Before 1824 there were many free reed instruments that used air from the mouth to make music. In 1826, the harmonica took a

Cajun, Zydeco, & Blues: Different Music, Different Location, Same Time

No musical traditions better evoke the melting pot of this country than those of Cajun, Zydeco, and Blues. Each musical style emerged from peoples of multiple races and ethnicities; each of them feeding and evolving from each other. Cajun culture has a history that goes as far back as the 1700’s. “Cajuns” are descendants of

Harmonica Workshop Brought Great Success

The harmonica workshop at the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival was a huge success. There were 500 harmonicas given away. Two Blues songs were taught on the Discovery Stage, and even the MCs on the Cajun/Zydeco Stage decided to join in. It was a fun time with a lot of learning involved. One