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The History of the Amplifier

The invention and the history of the amplifier changed music. Muddy Waters’ and other pioneer Blues musicians’ music played out of an amp helped change the face of Blues and Rock and Roll music forever. The history of the amp goes back to 1906 when Lee De Forest, inventor of the amp made the first

Grammy Award for Best Regional Roots Music Album

Each year at the Grammy Awards, the Cajun and zydeco music genres receive awards for best album. While this is known as the Best Regional Roots Music Album Grammy, this is a new title given to this category in 2011. Prior to that, the Grammy award was given to a single genre considered roots music,

Recommended Louisiana Zydeco Bands to Listen To

Zydeco and Cajun music are a way of life in Louisiana, just like their spicy food. Unique to Louisiana, zydeco music is an energetic blend of Blues, Cajun music, and Rhythm and Blues. Local songwriters and performers combine a variety of styles and cultural elements. Some of the most popular and beloved zydeco bands and

Best Places To Go Dancing in Louisiana

Dust off your dancing shoes and head out on the town to check out some of the best places to go dancing in Louisiana. Whether you want to cut a rug while enjoying Jazz music, joining a second line with a Dixieland band or visiting the best Zydeco dance clubs, they are all there. The

Cadillac Records: A Hit or A Miss?

Fans of R&B and Blues music preparing for the next Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival will find a wealth of material from which to choose to help gear up for the next event. Whether you want to listen to vintage LPs, read biographies or watch films, you have a huge selection awaiting you.

Great Biographies on Blues Musicians

Fans of Blues music who plan to attend the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival and want to build some extra excitement probably already have a full playlist of Blues and Cajun music on the mp3 player. Read some of the in-depth and thought-provoking biographies on Blues musicians to add context to the festivities.