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The Best of Cajun Folklore

Cajun Folklore

Many myths are centered around the Cajun culture! With the dark, sinister environment of the swamps, stories of creatures and monsters came into being. As people grew more sophisticated, the tales have become allegories useful for teaching lessons about life, or in many cases, were kept because they were entertaining! So what are the Louisiana

Cajun Recipe: Andouille Sausage Creole

Cajun Recipe: Andouille Sausage Creole

Spice Up Dinner With This Andouille Sausage Creole Recipe Are you looking to add some zest to your dinners this summer? Look no further than Cajun recipes! We have the perfect one to add to your repertoire. Wow your family and friends with this recipe for Andouille sausage creole. To make it, you will need.

Artist Highlight: Clifton Chenier

Artist Highlight: Clifton Chenier

Spotlight On Artist Clifton Chenier If you have not yet heard zydeco music, you are missing out. Blending Cajun and French music together, zydeco has a unique flavor, driving rhythm, and movement-inducing beat all its own. Looking for a place to start with this new musical genre? Turn to Clifton Chenier. Chenier distinguished himself as

A Look At Legend Etta James

A Look at Legent Etta James

How Etta James Made Her Mark Out of all of the amazing music legends, Etta James set herself apart. Overcoming the gender and racial prejudices of her time, James became a household name. Not only did she gain national fame, she managed to hold onto it and maintain an amazing career for six decades. How

The Science Behind The Health Benefits Of Music

The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Music

How Music Is Good For You You have probably experienced tension draining from your shoulders after putting on some calming tunes on your drive home after a stressful day at work, or the power of listening to music that is upbeat to banish a sour mood. Did you know the benefits of music have a

The Many Different Types Of Accordions

The Many Different Types of Accordions

Do You Know The Accordion Types? Accordions may not be the most commonly used of all the musical instruments, but when musicians do incorporate them they bring a distinctly interesting sound that lends unique flavor to their music.  There are four different types of accordions, and we want to highlight all of them! Here is