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Blues Guitarist Smokin’ Joe Kubek Died At 58

Blues Guitarist Smokin' Joe Jubek Died at 58

Remembering Smokin’ Joe Jubek, his talent, and his legacy. On Sunday, October 11th, tragedy struck the world of blues music. The man who’d made his mark on the genre and helped define the blues music scene in Texas died of a heart attack in his sleep that day. Smokin’ Joe Jubek was born in Pennsylvania

Health Benefits of Spicy Food

Health Benefits Of Spicy Food

If you’re a spicy food lover, you may be in luck – there are plenty of health benefits! Not only is flavor and the spice sensation incredibly addicting in spicy foods, but the fact that they have proven health benefits add to the popularity. Recent discoveries of science have recently noted the health benefits of

How Music Affects Our Moods

How Music Affects Our Moods

New studies show that listening to music can boost and lift your mood, leading to higher quality of life. The popularity of music festivals and online sites like Spotify and Pandora show just how much music is part of our culture. Research shows that people can boost their mood by simply listening to upbeat music!

Cajun & Zydeco: Instrumentals & Dancing

Cajun & Zydeco Instrumentals & Dancing

We take a look at what Cajun and Zydeco instrumentation and dancing involves! Cajun Instrumentation This includes the button accordion, fiddle, triangle, guitar, bass, and drums. This music has typically always been playing not just to listen to – but for dancing! The fiddle has always been the main sound in Cajun bands, but after

Cultural Impact of Music

Cultural Impact of Music

Music’s positives and negative influence can affect the society of our culture. Plato once warned, “Musical innovation is full of danger to the State, for when modes of music change, the laws of the State always change with them.” From medieval folk music to the R&B that is rapped today, it is no secret that

Upcoming Female Blues Artists

New Generation of Female Blues Artists

Females are bringing back the blues with a strong female voice, composition, and influence! If you are a blues-lover, you do not want to miss these young female blues artists that have hit the scene with a bang! Ana Popovic Ana grew up listening to her father’s collection of blues and soul records. From the