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Traveling to Cajun Country? Check Out These Cajun Music Venues Throughout Louisiana

Cajun Music Venues Throughout Louisiana

Check out these Louisiana music venues for great Cajun music. Travel is a wondrous thing. It opens your eyes to the world and allows you to experience new places and new cultures. Immerse yourself in Cajun culture, and take a trip to Louisiana. Try the Gumbo and check out local music venues to catch great

Cajun English: Learn All About the Language Basics

All About the Cajun English Basics

Check out everything you need to know about Cajun English. Language is an essential element of culture. It’s a unique trademark of your culture that belongs to a particular group of people. When it comes to Cajun culture, Cajun English is an important part of the culture. Along with all the food and music, Cajun

Better Your Music & Check Out These Top Guitars for the Blues

Top Guitars for the Blues for Better Music

Learn which guitars are best for the Blues. Great music starts with the right tools. While great musicians can use any instrument, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the right instrument. The right instrument can help to compliment your music so that listeners can it enjoy the soulful sounds to their fullest. When it comes

Find Out How Adding Spice to Your Diet Can Improve Your Health

How Spice Can Improve Your Health

Learn how a little spice can benefit your health. Adding a little flavor to your life has its advantages. Not only does it spice up bland foods, but it helps to improve your health. Spicy foods have been known to have their own unique health benefits. Check out what you need to know about spice,

Get in a History Lesson, and Learn All About the Blues

Learn About the History of the Blues

Check out the history of the blues! Blues has become a staple in American music. Not only does it have deep roots in American history, but it also has been a major influence in music, especially rock and roll. It’s soulful melodies, and heart-wrenching themes of adversity have made the music even more therapeutic. Check

Find Out All About Zydeco Music! Check Out What You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Zydeco Music

Learn everything you need to know about zydeco music. Zydeco music is a staple of Cajun culture. Born in Louisiana, Cajun music is woven into the fabric of the community. True to its roots, the musical style consists of elements from Europe, Africa, and America. It’s an upbeat style of music with humble beginnings, yet