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Check Out Our Shortlist for the Best New Orleans Dishes

Cajun Cooking Facts

Enjoy these classic New Orleans dishes. The south is rich and plenty when it comes to good food. From barbecue to pie to biscuits and gravy, there are lots of southern foods to indulge in. However, New Orleans has a menu of its own. Inspired by Cajun and Creole flavors, classic New Orleans dishes have

Boost Your Music Vocabulary with this Blues Glossary

Boost Your Music Vocabulary with this Blues Glossary

Check out these key terms with this blues glossary. Music is a language. It’s a way for a musician to communicate with their audience. From the bass and treble clef to the chords and scales, learning to play music is like learning another language. However, each genre has a slightly different dialect. When it comes

Your Guide to Southern Hospitality: What You Need to Know

Your Guide to Southern Hospitality

Learn everything you need to know about Southern hospitality. The American South is the birthplace of both Cajun and blues music. However, in addition to the great food and good music, the South is known for their hospitality. If you weren’t brought up in the South, Southern hospitality can be a bit of a mystery

The Blues Geography: Check Out How Geography Has Influenced the Blues

Fun Louisiana Facts to Share!

Learn all about the geography of the blues and how it has shaped the music. Don’t underestimate the power of geography. There’s more to geography than just where a place lies on the map. Rather, geography provides a narrative as to how a subject relates to a place. When it comes to the blues, the

Check Out Our Shortlist of Influential Blues Musicians

Influential Blues Musicians Shortlist

Learn how these famous Blues musicians helped to influence the genre. When it comes to music, there are always a few musicians that stand out from the rest. Whether it’s talent or influence, they play instrumental roles in the development and the perseverance of a genre. When it comes to the Blues, there have been

Crawfish vs. Shrimp: Learn How These Animals Differ

Learn How Crawfish & Shrimp Differ

Know the difference between crawfish and shrimp. Seafood is a staple in Louisiana cooking. From gumbo to a crawfish boil, there are lots of ways seafood is prepared. In fact, crawfish is a staple in the Louisiana diet. However, often confused with shrimp or prawns, the crawfish isn’t your traditional seafood dish. Become an expert