How You Benefit from Attending Live Concerts and Music Festivals

How You Benefit from Attending Live Concerts and Music Festivals

New study shows that getting out and attending concerts and music festivals is actually good for you.

A new study out of Australia suggests that people who engage with music by attending concerts and dancing along are actually happier.  The study entitled “ If You’re Happy and You Know It: Music Engagement and Subjective Wellbeing,” explains that concert-goers reported being happier, more positive, and more stable over time.

This study on music’s relation to “subjective wellbeing” is particularly useful in helping to develop treatment for people suffering from depression and mood disorders.  The study argues that creating and producing music “encourage(s) self-exploration, emotional expression, self-esteem, and confidence.”  However, you don’t have to be a musician to benefit from music.  The study also explains that enjoying music as an audience member is “associated with higher mood.”

However, the study warns that engaging with music requires more than passive listening.  Instead, much of the benefits of music comes from social interaction with other concert-goers and members of the music scene.  While listening to music alone can have physical and mental health benefits, engaging with music while with others creates “stronger positive experiences.”

While the study does not supply definitive proof that concerts and music festivals are beneficial for your health, many people agree that the music and experiences that come along with concerts makes them feel happy and excited.  If you find yourself feeling stressed, lonely, or simply sad, then consider buying a ticket to your favorite band’s next concert.  Who knows, you might emerge feeling more relaxed and positive.

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