Best for Beginners: Exploring 3 Harmonica Types

One of the most portable instruments you can take with you on the road to the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival is the harmonica. It fits in your pocket and it’s easy to learn the basics. But, it helps to have the right harmonica when you are just starting out.

The classic harmonica for blues musicians is the diatonic. Most teachers recommend that you start with a 10-hole diatonic. Diatonics make one tone on exhale and another on inhale. They are tuned to different keys; most instructors suggest starting with a C harmonica.

Chromatic harmonicas have a button on the side that allows you to play additional notes. They are a little more complex than the diatonics, which makes them a fun step up once you’ve begun to get the hang of the instrument.

Tremolo harmonicas have a trembling, organ-like sound that is heard in some blues music. They have some limitations in their range, so, they’re not suggested as your only harmonica.

Practice daily, and soon you will be playing blues like a champ. We look forward to seeing you and other blues lovers Memorial Day Weekend 2014.