Best Instruments for Blues Music

When you think of blues music, certain instruments pop into your mind including the acoustic guitar and the harmonica. However, this form of music has several sub-genres, such as country blues, Delta blues, boogie-woogie and electric blues. Each of these variations of the blues features its own distinct instrument. Perhaps the most popular blues instrument among all styles of the blues is the guitar. The most infamous guitar player of the blues was Robert Johnson who supposedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads in exchange for being a successful guitar player.

In Louisiana swamp blues feature sounds and instruments taken from zydeco and Cajun music. You might hear a saxophone or harmonica, along with a bass or acoustic guitar. Drums and keyboards are both among the best instruments for blues music in the Deep South. If you live in the Simi Valley region and you would like to experience the true blues sounds, you’re in luck. Each year the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival comes to town bringing along with it Cajun sounds and culture.¬†Find out more¬†about this annual event here so that you can be a part of this blues celebration.