Learn How the Blues Genre Has Changed Over the Years Through These Blues Periods

The Evolution of Zydeco Music

Check out what you need to know about these blues periods.

Like any art form, different generations have different ways of expressing themselves. Each unique period brings something new to the table. Music is no different. When it comes to the blues, there are different periods that have contributed to what the genre has become today. Check out what you need to know about the different blues periods.

Urban Blues.

As the genre started to leave the South and migrate north, it picked up a few influences along the way. The genre spread to the big cities like Memphis, Chicago, and Detroit. The urban blues was born, combining jazz, the hokum blues, and ragtime jug bands to form the urban timbre.

Chicago Blues.

In the earlier half of the 20th century, the blues moved up from the Mississippi Delta. When the genre reached Chicago, the genre had more influences. The use of the electric guitar and harmonica along with a few jazz elements lead to the creation of the new style of blues.

Rock and Roll.

In the mid-1900s, the blues genre exploded. It became a phenomenon that influenced the beginnings of rock and roll. The blues genre took hold on college campuses across the country and even made it across the pond to England where British rock bands were formed. The genre influenced a new genre that has become a favorite around the world.

Modern Blues.

The most recent style of blues is modern blues. It blends elements of traditional blues with other genres cultivating an entirely new style. From swing to soul, there are many ways in which the genres have blended.

When it comes to the blues, ensure that you appreciate all that the genre has to offer. Explore the different periods so that you get a better sense of the genre. Enjoy listening to live blues music in the Greater Los Angeles area. Save the date for the 28th Annual Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival, coming Memorial Day weekend of 2017. Contact us for more information.