Cajun Cuisine Recipe

If you want some flavor of the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival, check out this recipe for autumn sausage stew with butternut squash. As one of the highlights of Cajun recipes, this Cajun stew hits all the high marks for soulful Southern food.

Start by selecting a pound of your favorite spicy Andouille sausage—nothing else will suffice. Saute the sausage along with cooking oil over medium heat in a large Dutch oven. Add one chopped onion and one diced stalk of celery to the pot, along with a tablespoon of flour to create a roue for the base. Pour in the liquids of one cup chicken broth and one can of whole tomatoes with juice. Bring to a boil and add one cup each of sweet corn kernels and lima beans. Dice a butternut squash and add it to the mix. Season with salt, black pepper, paprika and hot sauce until it’s as spicy as you can stand it. Serve warm.

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