Cajun Culinary Terms Every Foodie Should Know

Cajun Culinary Terms Every Foodie Should Know

Do you love Cajun cooking?  Then here are some popular cooking terms you should know.

Even if you’re familiar with Cajun food, there are a lot of cooking terms you might be unfamiliar with.  Expand your cooking vocabulary by learning some of these popular Cajun food and cooking terms.

Andouille (ahn-DOO-ee) – a type of smoked sausage made with pork, garlic, pepper, onions, wine and seasonings.

Boucherie (boo-sher-EE) – a communal neighborhood hog-butchering party that usually results in boudin, cracklins (crispy pork skin), and hogshead cheese.

Boudin (boo-DAHN) – a type of Cajun sausage made of pork, rice, onions and seasoning stuffed into a casing.  Unlike normal sausage, boudin is cooked before it’s even piped into its sausage casing.

Cajun Trinity (or Holy Trinity) – combination of chopped onion, celery and bell pepper; the base of most savory Cajun dishes.

Ça c’est bon! (SAH-say-bohn) – That’s good!

Dirty Rice –  also known as rice dressing; a dish that gets its “dirty” color from being cooked with ground meat, green bell pepper, celery and onion.

Étouffée (ay-too-FAY) – a dish prepared by braising or smothering the ingredients (meat, seafood, vegetables) in a covered pot with a little water, and which is usually onion-based (rather than roux-based) and served over rice.

Filé (fee-LAY) – ground sassafras leaves; used as a thickening and seasoning agent in gumbo.

Fricassée (free-kah-SAY) – a stew that’s usually roux-based and served over rice.

Gratin (grah-TAHN) – crispy, brown or burnt crust along the bottom of a pot of rice.

Gumbo – a roux-based, soup-like dish made with meat, seafood, or both and with or without okra, served over rice.

Jambalaya (jahm-buh-LIE-uh) – dish made from raw rice cooked in the broth of meat or seafood with other seasonings.

Po’ Boy – a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana. It almost always consists of roast beef or fried seafood and is served on baguette-like French bread.

Roux (roo) – flour browned in fat (usually butter, oil or lard) and used for thickening gravies, gumbo, and many other Cajun dishes.

Sauce Piquante (pee-KAHNT) –a highly seasoned sauce that accompanies many traditional meat and fish dishes, usually served over rice.

Tasso – sun-dried or smoked meat (esp. pork, beef or fish) cut into strips resembling jerky.

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