Creating Cajun & Zydeco Music

If you like to listen to Cajun or Zydeco music, you’re probably familiar with the instruments they use to make those great sounds. For people just getting started on those genres, though, knowledge might be scarce. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out about instruments for Zydeco music, like vest frottoir, or rubboard, as well as the old world accordion. In addition to those two instruments, Zydeco music also commonly uses bass guitar, guitar, Cajun fiddle, and drums. Some compilations include use of the keyboard and horns.

Cajun music instruments include the fiddle and accordion, as well as the bass and steel guitar. As the music changed and evolved, people started using acoustic guitars in it. Many Cajun musicians also use electric guitars, the triangle, and drums. Both Cajun and Zydeco music can be enchanting, and provide a way for people to listen to something that seems to come from a happy, simpler time. With more instruments being used in these two types of music over time, musicians are better able to express themselves and produce something unique that listeners will love.

To listen to Cajun and Zydeco music check out the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival, which takes place every Memorial Day Weekend in Simi Valley, Calif.