Difference Between Cajun and Creole Cooking

Not everyone is aware of the differences between Cajun food and Creole food. While they are very similar due to the fact that both cultures have a French heritage, here are some of the differences:

  • It has been previously said that Creoles will feed one family on 3 chickens and Cajuns will feed 3 families with only one chicken. Creole cooking tends to include more meat.
  • The roux is another difference.  Creoles use a roux that is butter and flour, Cajun roux is flour and lard or cooking oil.
  • They each use different methods in the way they cook the meals. Creoles could access markets and had servants that would cook their foods.  Cajuns lived off the land and had to adjust to the changing seasons and would cook their meals in one big pot.

Both Cajun food and Creole food are unique and you can get a taste of both at the 2014 Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival. Mark your calendar now for Memorial Day weekend next year and enjoy the sounds and tastes of this amazing event.  For questions about the festival, contact us.