Find Out More About the History of the Blues

Find Out More About the History of the Blues

Learn about the history of the blues genre.

The blues genre is uniquely American. With its origins in the American South, the history of the blues has horrific beginning. However, the genre has continued to evolve and influence modern music. Find out all about the history of the blues so that you can stay informed about the genre.

Southern Origins.

The history of the blues comes from American slavery. In the 1800s, slaves on Southern plantations would use music as an outlet for their hardships. Work chants to pass the time and religious chants, many of which had African origins, were influential to the development of the blues. It then evolved into a cathartic practice to help to ease the hardships of life in the South.

Spread of the Genre.

Once the blues grew in popularity, it became a staple genre along the Mississippi Delta, similar to that of jazz music. However, it took the blues a little while longer to spread than it did for jazz. The genre stayed in the South until the 1930s where it began to travel north. The blues took root in major cities such as Memphis and Chicago. The genre then evolved into include various subgenres such as the country blues, Chicago blues, urban blues, and more.

Musical Influence.

The blues genre has been influential in contributing the birth of other genres. Specifically, when it comes to rock and roll. Rock and roll music developed from the blues. Many artists attribute their musical influences to blues musicians.

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