Great Cajun Musicians

Cajun music has been popular in Louisiana and other areas for a long time. It’s something that has a very distinctive, unique sound to it. You’re not going to find it just anywhere, but there are people all over the world who like to listen to it. Most of the Cajun performers are still in Louisiana and the surrounding areas. They make their homes there, where they feel comfortable. Some of the great Cajun musicians include Nathan Abshire, Canray Fontenot, D. L. Menard, Austin Pitre, and Clifton Chenier.

There are also groups like the Hackberry Ramblers and The Balfa Brothers. A lot of Cajun music albums have multiple artists on them. Sometimes the artists team up to perform together, since they all play the same kind of music and want to share it with their fans. Getting into the Cajun music scene isn’t hard if you live in Louisiana. It can be more difficult if you’re somewhere else in the country, where Cajun music isn’t as popular or prevalent. You can still get your music fix, though, and enjoy some of the best Cajun musicians in the industry today.

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