What Music Can Do for Your Kids

Teaching children about music is a vital part of a well-rounded education. Becoming knowledgeable in the language of music is a great way to expand a child’s mind, and it gives them a healthy outlet for activity. However, it can be overwhelming to choose a single instrument or genre of music for focused training. By taking note of the music opportunities in your community, your children will be able to explore local culture in addition to studying music. For example, in the Simi Valley region, Cajun music has a powerful influence.

When getting your kids into music, consider whether you want to go with formal music lessons. Also, what are the instruments that would interest your child the most? For example, do you have a child interested in beats and percussion sounds? Maybe you have a strong passion for jazz and blues in your household, which could lead to a saxophone lesson or two. A tip is to start out with a single “sample” lesson for your child so that she can determine if she wants to continue with a particular instrument or genre of music. Once she picks up on her preferred interests, you can move on to formal lessons with a master musician.

Every year at the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival, traditional Cajun and Blues fill the atmosphere. Contact festival organizers if you would like to learn more about next year’s festival.