LA LA LAND: A Review

LA LA LAND: A Review

Following up his extraordinary directorial debut, Damien Chazelle has once again delivered another jazz-heavy masterpiece.

La La Land is a film that speaks about dreams and love in a way that very few seem to get right in the 21st century.

While musicals are by no means my favorite, La La Land was the exception because the writing, the story, and the stakes heavily outweighed any negative connotations I held against musicals.

It tells the story of Sebastian “Seb” Wilder (Ryan Gosling) and Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) who happen to be star-crossed lovers in modern-day Hollywood, trying their best to make their artistic dreams a reality, and the tough life that one must live at times in order to achieve one’s dreams.

Struggling modern-day Hollywood artists may not seem like something that movie-goers would want to spend their hard-earned money on. But their passion and dedication may speak to the audience yet. Mia is an actress that wants to write and star in films that have nothing to do with the comic book era, while Seb, witnessing the death of jazz in L.A., wants to open his own jazz club and keep the art form alive for generations to come.

It explains why jazz is so great to listen to and watch live, and why it is failing to appeal to younger generations. But, perhaps with the aid of this film, many people will start to listen and lend a helping hand to the beautiful music of jazz.

Drawing from other musical classics like Singing in the Rain and The Band Wagon, the two lovers grow apart as they get closer and closer to fulfilling their dreams.

If you are a lover of good movies and jazz, you will certainly love this film.

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