Learn About These Unexpected, Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music

Learn About These Unexpected, Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music

Find out how listening to music can actually benefit your health.

While many of us know that listening to music can improve our moods or give us comfort, did you know that scientific research actually suggests that music can have a positive effect on your health?  In fact, studies have shown that music not only helps us cope with pain, but also has numerous physical and mental health benefits as well.  Read on to learn more about the health benefits associated with listening to music.

1) Pain Management

Music can actually reduce the amount of pain that the brain perceives.  This means that listening to music can actually trick the body into feeling less pain.  Music therapy is commonly used in geriatric care, intensive care, and palliative medicine to help patients better manage their pain.

2) Post-Workout Recovery

One study found that listening to music after an intense workout can aid in the body’s recovery.  Slow music showed the greatest effects as it helped muscles relax and heart rates to slow.  However, the study also showed that other types of music cut down on post-recovery workout times as well.

3) Stress Reduction

Research has suggested that listening to music can greatly reduce stress levels.  Music triggers the release of biochemical stress reducers (such as endorphins) in the brain, which lead to feelings of relaxation and happiness in stressed individuals.

4) Cognitive Improvements

Multiple studies have suggested that the presence of background music may enhance performance on cognitive tasks.  Older studies suggested a link between background music and successful test taking.  Newer studies have proposed that music can bring out improved cognitive functions when the individual has an emotional response to the music being played.

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