Little Known Facts about the Cajun Culture

Most people are at least familiar with the flavors of Cajun food, but what about the Cajun culture and the history of Cajun music? For those who don’t know much about the Cajun culture, here’s a brief look at some little known facts.

Cajun culture came from France as these people settled in Nova Scotia in the 1600’s. The Cajun’s were known as Acadians because they lived in Acadia, Canada. The Acadian people took part in different militia actions against the British, so British troops drove them out. The Acadians settled in Louisiana. Over time, the Acadian’s became known as Cadian’s. The American’s mispronounced their Cadian name and instead called them Cajun’s.

Cajun food was created when the Cajun people settled in Louisiana. They combined their cuisine from the past and included things from the swamps and bayous. Celery, bell peppers and onions are three main ingredients that a Cajun meal would consist of. This is the “Cajun Trinity”. Just about all meals are cooked with a cast iron pot which was most likely passed down from previous generations.

Cajun music used to be played with the fiddle and later they gravitated to the accordion. The music is a mixture of styles from France, Celtic, Spanish, Native Americans and Africans. This mixture of styles created the new genre of Cajun music.

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