More About New Orleans’ Music Traditions

More About New Orleans’ Music Traditions

Learn more about Louisiana’s honored musical roots and traditions.

Louisiana is one of America’s richest sources of traditional music, with many musical legends and musical styles originating within the state’s borders.  With such a rich musical history, it’s not possible to cover every region of Louisiana and detail all the ways that it has contributed to the larger music scene as we know it.  However, read on for a brief overview of New Orleans’ musical traditions.

One of the most popular genres of music to come out of New Orleans is jazz.  Jazz first appeared in New Orleans in the 19th century, combining African, European, and Caribbean musical traditions.  The African influence on jazz is particularly important.  While in most Southern states slaves were not allowed to express their African heritage, New Orleans welcomed cultural expression as a means to diffuse the tension between slaves and the white ruling class.  As the slaves gathered and performed traditional music and dances, they drew the attention and appreciation of people outside the black community.

During the latter half of the 19th century, European concepts of music synthesized with the African sounds of Louisiana to create the origins of blues and gospel music.  From there, New Orleans music went on to influence other musical genres such as rockabilly, R&B, soul music, country music, and jazz.  While many of the early Cajun musicians in New Orleans were black, as time went on, different ethnic groups grew to love the music coming out of New Orleans and gave it their own flair.  This cultural exchange further fostered the evolution of New Orleans’ music.

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