Perfect Songs for Your Thanksgiving Playlist

Perfect Songs for Your Thanksgiving Playlist

Set the mood for your Thanksgiving event with these festive additions to your playlist.

While it’s easy to think of Halloween and Christmas songs, songs inspired by Thanksgiving are few and far between.  However, you should make sure that Thanksgiving isn’t overlooked.  To add an extra flair to your Thanksgiving celebrations, add these songs to your holiday playlist.

1) “Thanksgiving Theme” by Vince Guaraldi Trio

This famous theme song to the Peanuts movie will immediately get your guests into a festive mood.  This is the perfect song to kick off your playlist.

2) “Thanksgiving Prayer” by Johnny Cash

Though this song is from an episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, it still holds a wonderful Thanksgiving sentiment.  This is a simple song about being thankful for the people in your life and this is a message that encompasses the spirit of Thanksgiving perfectly.

3) “Mashed Potatoes and Gravy” By Planet Full of Blues

While this song isn’t exactly about Thanksgiving, it is about food which is one of the major aspects of Thanksgiving.  With the repeated warning “don’t mess with the big man’s food,” this song is both comedic and extremely fitting for when it’s time to serve up dinner!

4) “Be Thankful for What You Got” by Love

This song is a great throw-back tune all about being grateful for what you have.  The song argues that even if you don’t have fancy or nice things, “you can still stand tall” and be proud and thankful for what you do have.

5) “Home” by Edwards Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This unconventional love song is a great way to express just how much your significant other means to you this Thanksgiving.  While the song tells the love story of the performers, the beauty of the song is that everyone can pull something sentimental from the lyrics.  With the message that you are at home as long as you are with the people you love, this song is a perfect way to welcome family and loved ones to your home this Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, jazz up your celebration by adding these fun and festive songs to your holiday playlist.  Interested in hearing more music that will speak to you?   Then you have to give Cajun music a try.  To hear some of the best Cajun music live, save the date for the next Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival.  In summer of 2018, Simi Valley will come alive with Cajun music and food, zydeco music, blues music, a Mardi Gras parade, zydeco dance lessons, and more!  To learn more about this exciting local event, contact Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival today.