Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival Presents the Bayou Brothers Bandmates

One of the top performers scheduled to appear on the Blues stage at the 2014 Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival is the Bayou Brothers. Along with a name that shouts Cajun and Blues style, this band features an eclectic crew of performers. John “Squeezebox” Chambers took the lead of the band following his tour of duty in the military. After hearing music called Zydeco, John decided to form the band, the Bayou Brothers.

In addition to lead singer and accordion player Chambers, is Ric Lee on drums and other various percussion instruments. Lee helped Chambers form the band in 1995. Roger Dashle is on bass, while Charles Burton plays slide guitar, lead guitar and vocals. On the signature sound of the saxophone you’ll find Thom Podgoretsky who also plays percussion instruments. No Cajun inspired band would be at home without a rubboard, which is handled quite nicely by the “sisters” in the Bayou Brothers—Judy Seid and Karen Lee.

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