The Different Types of Blues Music

Like any music genre, Blues music is an overarching term that groups a number of different musical stylings under the same umbrella. While Blues is the point of origin for these sub-genres, a variety of other influences have created several offshoots of traditional Blues music, and their legacies are maintained by active Blues musicians specializing in these innovative styles.

Today, we know the oldest forms of Blues music as “Classic Blues” — the standards and stylistic marks of Blues music as it was popularized in the 1920s. Blues musicians like Ma Rainey, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters are among the most famous classic Blues musicians.

Later sub-genres of Blues evolved in a variety of ways. The most common was to fuse Blues music with the influences of other musical genres. Country Blues, for example, blends the musical stylings of Blues and country. This type of music was popularized in the 1960s and is prevalent in Memphis, where Blues and country converge.

Electric Blues, on the other hand, was created when musicians gained access to electronic instruments and amplifiers. Texas is known for its significant role in popularizing Electric Blues, although the style eventually caught on across the country.

A wide range of different types of Blues music has developed over the years, spawning styles like Acid Blues, Delta Blues and Blues distinguished by specific regional influences.

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