The Idea of the Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers is a great movie, and iconic in many ways. For people who really get into what it has to offer, it’s important to understand where it came from. The idea behind it came from an actual Blues musician. John Belushi based his character and the performances themselves off of legendary Blues man Curtis Salgado. Because the characters and performances were based on a healthy dose of reality, the movie felt more real and cohesive than it otherwise would have.

Additionally, making the movie more authentic brought more people who love Blues music in to see it. Once they realized the authenticity of the movie, more and more of them came to enjoy what it had to offer. It has since developed somewhat of a cult following, and is still popular today. Despite the fact that Belushi and Akroyd weren’t really Blues men when they were cast for the movie, they quickly learned how to take information from true performers and make it their own so they could use it to entertain moviegoers everywhere.

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