The Origin of the Accordion

The history of the accordion dates back to 1922 in Berlin. There are some indications that similar instruments were created earlier and in different parts of the world, but were called by different names and didn’t work quite the same way. The first patent on an instrument that was called an accordion took place in 1929 in Vienna. The instrument didn’t have a lot of resemblance to the current accordions of today, though. It had a button board for the left hand, and the right hand only operated the bellows.

Beginning around 1910 and lasting until 1960, the accordion was a part of popular music. It was associated with the common people in Europe, and was also part of the Polka craze. Once the guitar became a staple in the music industry, the accordion’s use declined rapidly in Europe and North America. Accordions today are used often in Cajun and Zydeco music, where they’re very popular. They still appear frequently in music created in Brazil and surrounding countries, where they’re a fixture in the pop music scene.

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