Top Zydeco Musicians

Zydeco music has its roots in American folk music. It was created in Louisiana in the 1800s. The style blends Cajun music with Blues and Rhythm & Blues. Some of the top Zydeco musicians include Boozoo Chavis, Rosie Ledet, Leroy Thomas, and Morris Francis, among others. These performers get a lot of airplay on Cajun radio stations, and they also have a large number of fans throughout the south and other parts of the country. Some are even known worldwide.

Because the music style is gaining in popularity, its reach is expanding to others who may not have heard it before but now really enjoy it. There are concerts and festivals where it’s a popular music choice, along with Cajun, Blues, and related styles. The use of different and sometimes unique instruments is a big part of what makes Zydeco so interesting. Additionally, you can hear and feel the influence of other music styles but still tell that Zydeco is something that stands on its own.

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