Unique Louisiana Thanksgiving Traditions

Unique Louisiana Thanksgiving Traditions

Learn how the people of Louisiana celebrate turkey day.

On November 23rd, families all across America will gather before a bountiful meal and give thanks for all their blessings.  While many of the same characteristics apply, the citizens of Louisiana add a little twist to their Thanksgiving festivities.  Read on learn about the unique holiday culture of Louisiana.

Food is at the heart of Louisiana’s culture, so it’s no wonder that it’s all about the food preparation on Thanksgiving Day.  Of particular importance to a Louisiana Thanksgiving is the dressing.  Each family has their own special recipe for Thanksgiving, each arguing that their recipe is the most traditional.  Popular takes on the traditional meat and bread stuffing include oyster dressing, rice and meat dressing, and cornbread stuffing.  However, the controversy does not end there.  Families disagree on whether the dressing should be served as is or if it should be stuffed inside the turkey as it bakes.  Interestingly, serving turkey at a Louisiana Thanksgiving is a relatively new practice.  Until recently, it was more traditional for Louisiana families to serve up the pork that was produced in the fall boucheries (a Louisiana tradition where families gather to slaughter pigs and distribute the meat).

For those not in the mood to cook for Thanksgiving, there are still ways to have a delicious feast.  Many of the finest restaurants throughout the state stay open during Thanksgiving and serve up their version of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Add in the fact that many of these eateries offer live musical entertainment to their guests, and you know that Louisiana is doing Thanksgiving right.

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